Kurt Cobain Hoax Exposed

 For those that had their image of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain shattered with thoughts of him hitting the ski slopes after reading about a dubious Craigslist advertisement, you can now breathe easier. It was a hoax.

The hoax Craigslist posting purported to be from Cobain's former roommate who was trying to sell some personal items that used to belong to the late singer including a pair of skis, a video game and a telephone.

After some mainstream media outlets like Billboard reported on the listing as if it were genuine, Revolt exposed it as a hoax put together by Sub Pop Records receptionist Derek Erdman and even reached out to Erdman to learn more about the hoax.

Erdman told the site, "Friday morning, right after I got to work. I was supposed to be working on something else that I haven't been able to get into, so I created a diversion. Then I ignored it and went back to work. A few hours later I did an interview with CBC radio about it. Later that night I met a TV news crew (with cameras!) at the aforementioned Safeway for an interview, but they called my bluff and asked for ID. I told them that I was a one time bass player for 90s band Gruntruck. They didn't buy it, and they were visibly not happy about me wasting their time, I was wearing a flannel shirt though."

They then asked him about the reaction to the ad and if people actually wanted to buy the items. He said, " F*** YES, THEY WANT THEM BAD. They also want that video game. I've gotten a lot of replies from 'serious collectors' and people who will pay for shipping. Have you ever shipped skis? That sounds like it would be really difficult. Not too many people wrote about the Swatch phone, which was surprising."

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