Elvis Costello Remixes Johnny Cash

 It's no secret that Elvis Costello is a fan of Johnny Cash. He's covered Cash songs numerous times throughout his career, including a live version of Cash's early hit "Cry Cry Cry" that wound up on the reissued version of Costello's country tribute album Almost Blue.

Now Costello has taken his appreciation of Cash a step further, by releasing a remix of a previously 'lost' Cash song, "She Used to Love Me a Lot." That version of the song is currently streaming on Pitchfork.

The remix is set for commercial release on Record Store Day (April 19), as part of a limited 7-inch single that will also feature Cash's original version of the song. That original version was cut in the 1980s but set aside for decades, and is now resurfacing on the upcoming 'new' Johnny Cash album, Out Among the Stars, that's finally seeing the light of day later this month (March 25).

Out Among the Stars is not a reissue or a collection of demos. It's a full studio album Cash recorded in the 1980s and then, after his record company (Columbia) chose not to release it, stashed away in the family archives for three decades.


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