Aerosmith's Joe Perry cast in upcoming movie "Cottonwood"


Aerosmith's Joe Perry has been cast in the upcoming movie Cottonwood. Perry will star in the role of Joe Walker, a character of which not too many details have been revealed:

Perry is also working on the movie's soundtrack, but whether it is solely his musical work is yet to be confirmed. "I look forward to Joe's role in the film, as well as his contribution to the soundtrack," said producer Julie Campbell in a press release.

Perry added: "I found the screenplay to be very compelling and thought it was a wonderful character-driven story. Although dark at times, the surprise ending made the story resonate with the reader, and I feel it will do the same for the movie going audience. I look forward to the role of Joe Walker."

The independently produced film, also co-produced by Perry, features Anthony Michael Hall, Louis Gossett, Jr. and Alison Eastwood in a film cantered on "two families thrown together by tragedy and the bounds of racial injustice."

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