On his new album "Plaid is the New Black" Whitebeard, aka Alan Curtis Ediger, has taken his music to a new level.

Like a master chef, he has combined numerous ingredients to create a satisfying meal for the ears. With equal parts classic rock, british pop, americana and a sprinkling of country, r and b, and folk his latest album is laced with songs that are simultaneously familiar yet fresh.

A veteran of the live stage, Whitebeard has performed over 800 shows over the last 15 years all over North America, from Austin to Nashville to New York to many dozen small towns across the Canadian prairies. He is equally confortable performing solo with his acoustic guitar to a small room of eager listeners, or fronting the Canadian AC/DC tribute band Whole Lotta Angus to festival crowds of over 10,000.

Before he adopted the moniker "Whitebeard," he recorded 2 albums, "More Than I Can Be", and "This One Goes to 11",  as Alan Curtis. Both albums were critically acclaimed, winning a Grindie award as well as being featured on 2 compilation albums at songwriter conferences in Cape May, NJ, and Harrisburg, Penn.

The new album "Plaid is the New Black" is what he calls his Nashipeg album. It was recorded half in Nashville and half in Winnipeg. It is infused with tales of everyday life, the wonders of the heart, and whimsical fantasies of far away places.